World Procurement Congress London 2013

Following on from the success of the Procurement Leaders Forums over the last nine years, it was great to attend the first World Procurement Congress held in London. Here our best bits from the World Procurement Congress and look forward to sharing some more detailed blogs in the coming weeks.

World Procurement Congress London 2013

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World Procurement Congress closes on more questions for the futureThe World Procurement Congress closed today on a question and answer session with some of the leading CPOs and thinkers in procurement. A…
World Procurement Congress: Looking into procurement’s crystal ball"The future is faster, faster than we think," was the opener to Tom Linton’s, CPO of Flextronics, presentation on the top 10 trends that …
Procurement Blog – Upskilling the next generation of procurement leaders: A topic touched on by … #procurementProcurement Leaders
Super proud of the @ProcurementMag team, the World Procurement Congress was amazing & the awards where beyond words #iloveprocurementMark Perera
Procurement Blog – World Procurement Congress closes on more questions for the future: The World… #procurementProcurement Leaders
Thank you all for such an amazing #WPC in London. What was your key takeaway? #iloveprocurmentProcurement Leaders
Procurement Blog – World Procurement Congress: Unilever on growing true strategic procurement: M… #procurementProcurement Leaders
Big name question panel at #wpc. CPOs from @EsteeLauder, @delphi, @deutschetelekom, @KCCorp and Mars Petcare. Leaders
Our question panel moderated by @david_rae with 5 top CPOs is commencing at #WPC.Procurement Leaders
Looking fwd to #WPC Question time with our CPO panel…still chances to tweet your questions. Don’t make it too easy for them!Steve Hall
The #wpc moves towards the breakout sessions. Minds start to ponder of the awards tonight…Jonathan Webb
Event partners @Procurian, @ariba, @TSCInsights, @SchneiderUK currently hosting breakout sessions featuring #procurement exec panels.Procurement Leaders
Procurement Blog – The World Procurement Congress: Rick Hughes and risk: Every supply disruption… #procurementProcurement Leaders
World Procurement Congress: Rick Hughes and riskEvery supply disruption, according to Rick Hughes, is an opportunity. The CPO of P&G described to the World Procurement Congress how the …
Rick Hughes, CPO of P&G, looks at every supply disruption as an opportunity.#wpc–…Jonathan Webb
Our networking lunch is underway- 1 of the 6 hours of networking at #WPC.n#iloveprocurementProcurement Leaders
@andyking_buying just mentioned you in the live social stream from the World Procurement Congress #iloveprocurement–…Mark Perera
Both Unilever and P&G CPO’s see supplier engagement in their key initiatives as a top challenge and an area where more work is needed #WPCRemko van Hoek
Unilever Supplier Net going live in June. Brings visibility on payments process via online portals. Includes access to ERP & any delays #WPCDavid Rae
Fantastic stuff from Marc Engel CPO @Unilever on Partnering to win #iloveprocurement short
"Put more effort into strategic innovation suppliers" Mark Engel, CPO, @Unilever. #wpcProcurement Leaders
72% of innovations come from suppliers, Unilever is building 30 new factories, it’s suppliers 40 with a bn invested in Unilever growth #WPCDavid Rae
World Procurement Congress: Unilever on growing true strategic procurementMarc Engel, CPO of consumer goods giant Unilever, took to the stage at the World Procurement Congress to talk about how he has created th…
Mark Engel, CPO, Unilever on stage at #wpc "innovation is everything" @ProcurementMag Budd
Listening to Marc Engel CPO Unilever talking about process and the importance of innovation #iloveprocurement St Labs
Marc Engel, CPO of Unilever takes the stage at #WPC – 11bn euro revenue growth in 2012…. Big numbers!David Rae
Keynote presentation on #Process at #WPC from Mark Engel, CPO, @Unilever. #iloveprocurementProcurement Leaders
Chance to put your #procurement questions to a panel of global CPOs…send them on twitter and they’ll be put across around 1440 GMT #wpcSteve Hall
Don’t forget to tweet us your questions the CPO Question Panel moderated by @david_rae by using #wpc.Procurement Leaders
The #1 biggest challenge for #wpc delegates revolve around talent. #iloveprocurementProcurement Leaders
#2 biggest challenge for #wpc delegates- Supplier Relationship Management / Sourcing. #iloveprocurementProcurement Leaders
#3 biggest challenge for #wpc delegates- Demonstrating value especially beyond cost savings. #iloveprocurementProcurement Leaders
About to find out the feedback on the 3 key challenges #WPC delegates face from yesterday’s speed networking session. #iloveprocurmentProcurement Leaders
Lot’s of questions about Mars taking pulse of the supply base – looks like a hit approach @ProcurementMag #iloveprocurement #WPCRemko van Hoek
Awesome presentation from Angus McIntosh from Mars #iloveprocurement #WPCMark Perera
#WPC Mars/Gallup surveys resulted in a corproate wide reassessment of its approach to forecasting and how it engages with supply baseDavid Rae
#WPC Mars – every supplier gets a personal letter from Angus discussing the results – meetings with a select number to discuss improvements.David Rae
#WPC Mars worked with Gallup to survey suppliers – 10 questions around 5 themes. Clarity, simplicity, integrity, reciprocity & connectivityDavid Rae
#WPC – Mars wanted to understand the motivations and needs of suppliers – and go beyond their suppliers’ customer segmentationDavid Rae
@ProcurementMag Leadership is key, innovation is essential, productivity is an opportunity-Rick Hughes CPO @PGUK #wpc Budd
Final morning at the #wpc – Rick Hughes of P&G talked about treating supply chain disruptions and shocks as opportunities to improve.Jonathan Webb
Mars Petcare CPO Angus McIntosh on stage talking about SRM #WPC – procurement well established, with seat at top tableDavid Rae
Up next, Angus McIntosh, CPO, Mars Petcare presenting a case study on innovation and managing supplier relationships. #wpc #procurementProcurement Leaders
"Leadership is key; innovation is essential,; productivity is an opportunity." Rick Hughes, CPO, @PGUK #wpc #iloveprocurementProcurement Leaders
listening to @PG_CPO (Rick Hughes P&G) talking about innovation. #iloveprocurement #wpc
You can buy people’s back but you can’t buy their mind; you can buy their hands but you can’t buy their hearts. P&Gvid @ProcurementMag #WPCShin-Wen Kuo
@ProcurementMag: Presentation about to start on #Risk at #WPC by Rick Hughes, CPO @pguk. Good day for risk & no relation! #iloveprocurementJustin Hughes
First keynote presentation of the day about to start on #Risk at #WPC by Rick Hughes, CPO @pguk. #iloveprocurementProcurement Leaders
Build up to Day 2 at #WPC – Marc Engel, Rick Hughes and Angus McIntosh followed by #plawards tonight. Great line up #iloveprocurementAlex Martinez
Delegates filling up the ballroom ahead of Eva Wimmers and Rick Hughes morning presentations. Lots to look forward to. #wpcSteve Hall
Thank you @MarkALW – we look forward to seeing you there!Procurement Leaders
Second day of #WPC starting off with the Indirect Category Breakfast. #iloveprocurementProcurement Leaders
Busy day, busy day. Could get used to working in the London Hilton #wpc #plawardsSteve Hall
Procurement Blog – World Procurement Congress: Figure out where you can engage with the business:… #procurementProcurement Leaders
World Procurement Congress: Tom Seal and the Savings ParadoxThe current keynote speaker at the World Procurement Congress is Tom Seal, Head of Research at Procurement Leaders. Following from Eva Wi…
We’re back live tweeting at #WPC, stay tuned and join the convo! #iloveprocurementProcurement Leaders
Was it worth it #passion #iloveprocurement Perera
IMG_0142Mark Perera
IMG_0143Mark Perera
IMG_0114Mark Perera
Back at the World Procurement Conference this morning listening to Rick Hughes CPO of P&G talk about innovation in #Africa #WPCAlex short
IMG_0112Mark Perera
IMG_0119Mark Perera
IMG_0117Mark Perera
thanks @RiverviewLaw. We will be back live tweeting from day 2 of #WPC and the #PLAwards tomorrow.Procurement Leaders
@ProcurementMag You’re v kind. We’re v excited! "It’s an honor to be nominated" as they say 🙂 #PLAwardsShin-Wen Kuo
World Procurement Congress: Figure out where you can engage with the businessThe owner of the ‘Procurement Leader Award’, Delphi procurement chief Sidney Johnson makes no bones about it, you have to strive to best …
Great sign from @ProcurementMag #WPC13 #procurement
‘Figure out where #procurement can engage with the business’ – roundup of Sidney Johnson’s #wpc address Hall
A great first day at #wpc! Looking forward to Day 2 tomorrow as well as the #PLAwards tomorrow evening. #iloveprocurementProcurement Leaders
Tim Foster MBE shares his learnings on being the best 🙂 #goldmedal #iloveprocurement #rowing Perera
Hope Everyone Enjoyed the First Day of Procurement Leaders #WPC in London – Can’t Wait to See Everyone TomorrowGEP
Winning doesn’t happen by accident Tim Foster MBE at world procurement congress #WPC #iloveprocurementAlex Martinez
Tim Foster MBE takes the stage at the World Procurement CongressMark Perera
Sidney Johnson SVP of Global Supply Management at Delphi takes the stage #iloveprocurement #wpcMark Perera
Reigning ‘procurement leader’ award winner Sidney Johnson, CPO, Delphi takes #wpc stage @ProcurementMag Budd
Sidney Johnson, CPO of Delphi: To be able to take a supplier to a customer meeting with you, is critical #iloveprocurementAlex short
I love procurement badges are all the fashion at the World Procurement Congress #wpc #iloveprocurementMark Perera
"The future is more about collaboration with supplier than negotiation with suppliers". from Astra Zeneca’s CPO. Couldn’t agree more!Sammy Rashed
Tom Linton talks about the Global Labour Costs Equalise #wpc #iloveprocurementmperera
@thomasseal shares the latest findings from the procurement leaders research teamMark Perera
Enjoying the World Procurement Congress this morning #iloveprocurement short
Tom Linton takes the stage #iloveprocurementMark Perera
Tom Linton talking about non zero approaches to supplier management. #iloveprocurement #srm fantastic stuff short
Eva Wimmers takes the stage at world procurement congress #wpc #iloveprocurementMark Perera
Mark Perera
IMG_0089Mark Perera
World Procurement Congress: Eva Wimmers on building procurement’s brandA great start to the World Procurement Congress. Eva Wimmers, SVP of group procurement at Deutsche Telekom kicks off the two-day event, w…
IMG_0063Mark Perera
Three qualities that define the World Procurement CongressI’m often asked what makes Procurement Leaders different. I’m proud to say that we’ll be able to encapsulate this in one place next week:…

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