What’s been going on?

You may have noticed that the Old St Labs blog has run a little dry over the last few months, and there’s a pretty good reason why. So, let me tell you what’s been going on.  We’ve been beavering away, and now we’re ready to introduce you to Vizibl.

Vizibl is the online platform that gives your team a single place to manage all your commercial relationships.  It’s one platform. Every device.  All your commercial relationships.  Performance, Risk, Innovation!

So what does Vizibl do?

Vizibl enables seamless collaboration with your suppliers, partners and vendors. Everyone is together in one place where they can set a joint project, work towards the same time frame and build a shared roadmap with all the key information and goals.

We realised that ensuring critical SRM tasks and activities are completed across teams and businesses is almost impossible with excel, email and outlook.  That’s where Vizibl comes in; it empowers everyone to know what’s happening and when, all conversations and ideas are captured and there is a seamless handover between all stakeholders.  Never again will activities be lost or unfinished due to lack of information and chaos.

Vizibl drives better, smarter decisions, all the data is at your fingertips where you want it, when you want it, no matter what device you are on: mobile, tablet or desktop. All the key people are in the know, and there is finally clarity and action at the touch of a button.

So with the success of Vizibl we decided it was time for a change in our content.

So what should you expect?

Our remit has grown and our passion is enterprise level innovation.

OSL is about building pioneering products from the ground up.  This process forces our team, and the business, in many directions driven only by an underlying set of guidelines that help mould everything we do.  Developing products and ideas for corporates throws up many challenges, ideas and crazy moments.

It’s this hatfull of lessons that we want to share with you, to enable your future decisions and ideas.  Members of the team will share their own personal successes and failures, whether it’s opening up our code base, or discussing our reasons behind design.

We will of course continue to share our favourite articles and stories from around the web and are always keen for you to draw your favourites to our attention.

Old St Labs is all about collaboration.  It’s part of our DNA and we believe it’s the future of b2b activities.  We still want to act as a voice which shares and discusses a wide range of topics.

We’ve got to this stage with input from specialists in procurement, innovation, strategy, marketing, manufacturing and finance.  Functional experts that know exactly how businesses tick.  So be prepared to hear from those we proudly call our own.

So what’s happening to many of the ideas we have discussed over the last year: SRM, Collaboration, Risk Management, Key Account Management, Customer of Choice and many more?

Now we have a successful product that addresses and identifies these issues it only makes sense to continue the conversation alongside it.  The Vizibl blog is where it’s all at!  So please have a nosy round, and tell us what you think.

A Promise

I can promise you that the Vizibl blog will not be your typical corporate blog to tell you how wonderful our product is, and why you must buy it.  We believe that Vizibl speaks for itself, which frees us up to talk about the things that matter.  We want to discuss and engage with those in the know (you) around all the current problems and issues we all face.  We want to share the positives which occur in buyer and supplier relationships.

To get to where we are we have challenged the status quo and in true startup fashion disrupted those around us, this is a direction we will continue to head in. We will of course talk about the everyday issues that those in procurement face, but we also want to move beyond where businesses are currently stationed, and towards what could be expected in the future.

As products and services continue to grow in complexity so do the jobs needed to build them.  For this reason we are frequently seeing businesses engage in collaborative product development, innovation alliances and “opener innovation” with supply networks.  Suppliers are being asked to take on greater roles and responsibilities as buyers concentrate on their core skill sets. This is the future of buyer and supplier relationships and while it has many opportunities it will also throw up some fascinating problems that we will discuss over the coming years.

One of the ways to deal with this growing complexity is to adapt to a shift in how you think about relationships.  At Vizibl we are proud to have coined Return on Relationships, which is a methodology and philosophy developed to drive collaborative advantage, innovation and real returns from buyer and supplier relationships.

As I said above, we will continue to share the best articles and most relevant news on @procurement, the top source for all things procurement.  But if you want the best articles hand picked and sent to your email, then sign-up for our blogs directly to your inbox.

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