Top 7 Open Innovation Posts of 2012

Henry Chesbrough published his revolutionary book on Open Innovation 10 years ago, in that time we have seen a variation of reactions from businesses as well as commentary from a wide range of experts. In this post I have drawn together my favourite posts on open innovation in the last 12 months.

Open innovation advises companies to make more use of external ideas and technologies in their own innovations, and allow unused internal ideas and technologies to be used by others for their innovations.  Your business model helps determine what to bring in, and what to take out – and this links directly to the two halves to the model: an “outside in” half, and an “inside out” half.

Henry Chesbrough, PhD



Frank Piller – Chair professor of management at the Technology & Innovation Management Group of RWTH Aachen Iniversity.

Article – Overcoming Barriers In Implementing Open Innovation


Frank-MattesFrank Mattes is the founder and CEO of innovation-3.

Article – Moving from “Open Innovation” to True Open Innovation

Here is another article from Frank Mattes that I very much enjoyed.

Article – Customer Integration in B2B Open Innovation 


Stefan Lindegaard Open Innovation

Stefan Lindegaard – Speaker, network facilitator, and adviser on open innovation and intrapreneurship.

Article – Why Open Innovation Is More Than Hype



Raul Chao 2

Raul Chao – Professor of Business at the Darden School of Business

Article – The Ins and Outs of Open Innovation




Haydn Shaughnessy – Advisory Board Member at Crowdsourcing


Article – Innovation Lessons from an Old-Time Enterprise


Of course this article wouldn’t be complete without a video from the revolutionary words of Henry Chesbrough.

He explains how all corporations can benefit from open innovation, Levering external ideas and technology to improve the business techniques.

Not all the smart people work for your company

If you have any top Open Innovation articles then please let us know.

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