Introducing LUCYD – The Cognitive Engine for Commercial Relationships

The team at Old Street Labs is proud to introduce LUCYD, a cognitive engine, that powers commercial relationships.

What is LUCYD?

Harnessing machine learning and algorithms, LUCYD provides users with actionable information and insights that enable them to better understand commercial relationships. By uncovering opportunities, identifying risks and predicting trends LUCYD powers smarter business decisions.

How does LUCYD work?

Traditionally, firms have only analysed internal structured enterprise data. While important, this retrospective approach is not capable of providing a sufficient level of detail into the markets in which they operate or the suppliers upon whom they depend.

The vast majority of data produced today is unstructured. These previously untouched sources hold huge potential for commercial decision makers.

By leveraging machine learning and complex processing algorithms, LUCYD searches unstructured data sources (journal articles, news feeds, social media posts etc) and identifies what is most relevant to your commercial relationships. Once discovered, this data is then processed into consumable insights that can be used by your team to better understand your commercial relationships and ultimately make smarter decisions.

What does this mean for Vizibl?

In short, Vizibl is now smarter. As well being the one stop shop for managing your commercial relationships, Vizibl is now harnessing data like never before. By applying the power of AI to the vast and ever-increasing volumes of data being produced, Vizibl is providing groundbreaking information into markets, suppliers and competitors.

LUCYD trawls vast swathes data to find information that is uniquely relevant to you and your organisation. This data is then processed and actionable insights are delivered directly to your Vizibl interface. Allowing you to discover opportunities, identify risks and predict trends wherever you are.

With the LUCYD integration, Vizibl is now providing a view into commercial relationships far beyond what was previously possible. Curated, relevant and actionable information delivered in real time is enabling Vizibl users to better understand their commercial ecosystem and to make smarter decisions.

Find out more about LUCYD at and for more information on use cases and the vast potential that cognitive computing and artificial intelligence hold for the procurement function, check out


Jordan Early