How we Approach Testing at Old St Labs

Here at Old St Labs we care about quality. We believe that it is impossible to achieve quality without testing. Testing is often an overlooked part of development. It is time consuming, tedious, and the philosophy is not always easy to grasp, so it’s often left out of the development process. But programming without testing … 


Marvel shines the spotlight on Old St Labs

Old St Labs was featured this week in the blog of industry leading web prototyping organisation Marvel. As part of its ‘spotlight’ series, Marvel profiled the great work that our design team, led by Nick Peasant and Tom Pritchard, is carrying out and how the Marvel product supports this critical work. In this profile piece … 


Saying Goodbye to GitHub

Here at Old St Labs we’re always looking for ways to improve the way we work. We are a small team so improving the way we develop and test product is paramount. We decided to say goodbye to GitHub and this post details our reasons and what we’ve learnt along the way. We just want … 


Introducing LUCYD – The Cognitive Engine for Commercial Relationships

The team at Old Street Labs is proud to introduce LUCYD, a cognitive engine, that powers commercial relationships. What is LUCYD? Harnessing machine learning and algorithms, LUCYD provides users with actionable information and insights that enable them to better understand commercial relationships. By uncovering opportunities, identifying risks and predicting trends LUCYD powers smarter business decisions.


What’s been going on?

You may have noticed that the Old St Labs blog has run a little dry over the last few months, and there’s a pretty good reason why. So, let me tell you what’s been going on.  We’ve been beavering away, and now we’re ready to introduce you to Vizibl.