Best Innovation Posts of January 2013

Innovation and especially the ability to access the innovation from your supplier base is one of the big areas I’m researching this year. As such on a daily basis I am reading a lot of articles on the topic.

I therefore thought it would be worth sharing the best innovation posts I find each month. I will try and keep the list between 4-6 every month and I’ll add a line or two on the golden nugget(s) I picked up.

Here is my January list;

1. Prioritization, funding and scope: Where management fails innovation

Golden nugget : No strategy, no clarity, no prioritization, no innovation

Author: Jeffery Phillips  SiteInnovation on Purpose  Date: 24 Jan 2013  Reading time: 5 mins


2. Efficiency or Innovation: Who Wins?

Golden Nugget: CFO cost cutting and savings provide instant results where innovation might take 2/3 years. Who makes the decision of focus?

AuthorStephan Lindegaard  Site15Inno  Date: 22 Jan 2013  Reading time: 2 mins


3. The One Innovation Rule That Matters Most

Golden nugget: Being prepared to be misunderstood

AuthorHaydn Shaughnessy  SiteForbes  Date: 25 Jan 2013  Reading time: 4 mins


4. To Increase Innovation, Take the Sting Out of Failure

Golden Nugget : Reward Smart Failures in Addition to Success

AuthorDoug Sundheim  SiteHavard Business Review  Date: 9 Jan 2013  Reading time: 5 mins


Please leave a comment below if you found another great innovation post from the last 30 days.

Mark Perera

CEO and Founder at Old St Labs

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